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A TREnDS Photoshoot: A Retro Summer Dress

Small disclaimer, I don't really like summer style. Especially with new emerging styles being all about the shortest of the short, or the least possible material possible, I struggle being stylish. I never feel as confident in the summer months, and this season I've decided to change this. I've always thought that summery dresses were super pretty, but never thought they would fit my style. However, when I saw this beautiful dress on the rack at an outlet sale I thought to myself "It can't be! A summer dress that fits my style perfectly!" Not to mention there was about a two hundred dollar markdown from the original price of the dress!

I love this dress because if its length, which is flattering and draws attention to all the right parts. I really love the waist and the cute belt! The colour is also something I've been gravitating towards! The cut of the dress is a little bit retro as well which is something that I find adds some style to the look!

The great thing about wearing dresses in the summer is ventilation! Especially with this light cotton! I went out the day of this photo shoot to the park with my brother and I was "cool as cucumber" as they say! Dresses are of course not everyone's style, and obviously not that practical for sporting events and such, but I look forward to dressing this look up and down this summer season!

Summer can be a time when it can be very challenging to dress in a way that is true to you! Remember that fashion is a language and regardless of the temperature what we wear communicates something to those around us. I challenge all you fashionistas to think to yourself "Who am I, and how can I dress to show the world the beautiful soul that I am?"

Quick shout out to these loafers which are my favourite piece... maybe ever. The elegant embroidery and very antique look goes with a surprisingly large number of clothes!

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