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This Winter’s Fashion Line Up

According to my red Starbucks cup, Christmas is right around the corner. That means eggnog lattes, bright lights, cozy fires, Christmas music, and…..winter fashion.

What’s in this year’s winter line up? Lots of earth tones, bulky scarves, and long coats. When it’s cold outside, your street style has to come from the trendy outerwear and accessories that’s in season. This year the long coats are back, the infinity scarves have gotten thicker, and the boots trendier.

Here’s the deal on the latest and greatest for staying warm and in style this season.

1. Scarves.

This year’s style is going for the bulk. That means thick scarves that are wrapped up tight to the face and neck are in. As opposed to previous year’s multi-coloured styled scarves, this winter we are seeing solid earth tones in style. This can work in your favour because these tones tend to go well with other colours involved in the outfit. Tip–Don’t over pay for your scarves. There are a lot of stores that mark up the price too high. Keep your eye on the style you like and you’ll find the right one.

2. Boots.

There are two types of boot styles hitting the stores this season: low rise ankle boots and tall knee high boots. Whether it’s a suede or leather style, the low rise ankle boots are great for wearing with straight leg pants and adding a more chic look to your outfit. The knee high boots are great for keeping your legs warm during those cold days and look super cute with a dress or skirt. Both boot styles are great additions to your outfit and can really create a standout look. Tip–Make sure your boots are weather protected before wearing them outside. One surprise puddle could damage them.

3. Toques.

Depending on the temperature outside, tuques are either a fashion accessory or a desperate winter necessity. If you’re going for fashion only, go for the loose fitting tuques that gently cover the top of your head and ears, and be sure to wear your hair down for the full look. When it’s a requirement for warmth, go for the thick knitted styles with a cute pom-pom at the top.

4. Winter Coats.

One of the biggest features of the winter fashion line up is the winter coat. When it’s cold outside, often your outfit has to be hidden underneath your layers. So in order to show off your style, you need to be up on the latest outerwear fashion. This year, long warm coats are what’s in. Similar to the army-trench style that we’ve seen last year, these winter coats are everywhere. Green, navy, black, beige, and grey are the popular selections this year. A lot of these coats are also rocking the fur rimmed hoods, creating an added trend feature.

Want to blog about your style? We are looking for a crew of girls to promote great fashion and what they think about real beauty. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a TREnDS Fashion Ambassador, email and be sure to check out our Instagram page @trends_canada.

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