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Programs for Teen Girls ages 13 to 17

TREnDS (originally Teens Reacting Effectively and Discovering Style) offers a range of activities to provide girls with an opportunity to learn about themselves and fashion. Through events, local chapters, social media initiatives or school based programs we equip girls to be critical consumers of media depictions of girls and women and to discover their authentic style.

Local Chapters 

Since 2007 TREnDS has supported parents and other volunteers in hosting local TREnDS chapters for teen girls. Supported by the TREnDS curriculum, these chapters provide activities for 15 to 25 girls, with weekly or bi-weekly  meetings featuring speakers and workshops of fashion personality or other elements of style. Often girls work towards a major project - the creation of a magazine, organizing a fashion show or other event. A big emphasis is placed on supporting friendship and fellowship between the girls and enabling them to take on leadership roles. 


If you are interested in starting a TREnDS Chapter, please contact us at


Over the past 10 years, TREnDS has hosted many different kinds of events, including fashion shows, presentations and most recently webinars. These events are often opportunities for parents, older or younger siblings, aunts and uncles, and friends to learn more about TREnDS and experience its mission. Our most recent event Presence of Self: Quarantine edition  was well attended and we plan to host additional events in the summer and fall of 2021. 

School-based Programs

TREnDS ran its first school-based program in Montreal over the 2016-17 school year. It featured a series of workshops for students including on Identity and Freedom, Communication, discovering your colours. It also featured a presentation from the editor of Elle Quebec. Throughout the program a group of students from different grades were followed through interview to convey their learnings. Watch the video here 


If you are interested in working with TREnDS in a school context please contact us at

Fashion Ambassadors

Summer Student Job

Girls have something to say to the fashion world and their own ideas about beauty that they want to share. For this reason Fashion Ambassadors was created as a social-media based initiative, allowing girls to put together outfits, and share them with their peers. We are always hoping to find more fashion ambassadors and look forward to relaunching this initiative.


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