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TREnDS seeks to provide leadership training programs, workshops and projects for young women (aged 13 to18) with the aim of empowering them to be critical consumers of fashion and media. It equips them to engage in leadership roles to advance more positive representations of women in media, social media and fashion.

About TREnDS 

Teens Reacting Effectively and Discovering Style (TREnDS) began in Toronto in 2005, when four teenage girls decided that something needed to be done in response to the growing uniformity in teen fashion and the increasing tendency to objectify young women.  With the help of a great mentor they launched TREnDS: a project championing authentic beauty, deep thinking and leadership.

The project took off! By 2007 there were active TREnDS chapters in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. Hundreds of young women were participating in workshops, organizing their own events and social media campaigns; making their own mark on fashion and on their peers.


From the beginning, TREnDS was designed to foster the mentorship of young women leaders by providing them with opportunities to lead the organization and its events. It is something we continue to take pride in. Many of the girls and young women that participated in our program remain involved today.


TREnDS became a registered charity in 2016. To support TREnDS click here

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