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A TREnDS Photoshoot: Funky Glasses and Cozy Sweaters

This Spring seems to be confusing itself with winter! These cold Spring months have got me ready to wear warm and cozy clothes all of the time. Sometimes people think, in my opinion incorrectly, that cozy and fashionable are mutually exclusive. There are so many pieces, whether it be loose denim or beautiful cable knit sweater, you don't have to sacrifice comfy for stylish. In this shoot we tried to show just that!

This is me. This sweater really is as soft and fluffy as it looks. I find every occasion possible to wear it. However it can look like a lounge piece on its own. I paired it with this oxford blouse with dainty embroidery on the sleeve and think that it really matches this wonderful cardigan. I too paired this look some bold glasses of my own. For the record, no, they are not prescription, but I think they look super cool, and are such a fun accessory to be able to add some funk to my outfits.

My great friend Judith, who is featured in the above photo styled her comfiest big red polar fleece with these statement sunnies. It is a laid back look, but it takes it up the look from casual to classy. Glasses are such an underrated accessory. There are so many different styles and anyone can find a pair that flatters their particular face shape. I also love the dainty earrings that Judith paired with this look.

Denim, especially mom or boyfriend style denim, is incredibly comfortable. Both Judith and I decided to incorporate comfy denim into our looks. Judith is wearing mom-style jeans, which she picked up at a local thrift store. That is one thing I find amazing about Judith, she does so much thrift shopping, and always looks super put-together. She manages to find the most fab-finds at thrift shops. I'm wearing boyfriend style Jeans, they are the sustainable Old Navy line jeans, and are very comfortable. Both Judith and I went for the rolled up, with oxfords look. But we both did it very differently.

With this eternal winter Canada has been having there has been vey little motivation to take a blog post. Something that helps a lot is not taking it too seriously. If you rely on mother nature for your backdrops and might not necessarily have an indoor alternative, sometimes taking shots in colder weather can be less than ideal. In my experience, the best thing to do in those situtIions is to be a little bit silly. A few giggles here and there and a phew smalls lip ups don't really matter in the end. Judith decided to climb on this play structure, and it made a pretty cute, and hopefully relatable shot.

Here is yet another opportunity that I was given to laugh a little about the unfortunate weather conditions.

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