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Back-to-School-Wear Tips

Back to school time, for most people is very exciting. Not only is an entire year lying ahead, like a blank slate, but more pressingly, the first day of school is awaiting, and for some this poses the very exciting question, “What am I going to wear?”

I have to be very honest with you, I have been wearing a uniform since seventh grade and I’m currently entering into twelfth grade. The last time I asked myself that question, I was eleven. However, I’ve been to enough shopping malls during ‘back to school season’ and think I know a thing or two about certain trends.

Depending on your style the perfect ‘back to school’ outfit could range from a flowy summer dress, to a preppy oxford collar and slacks. No matter what your style is I’d have to recommend dressing up. Some shopping has undoubtedly happened over the summer, and the first day of school is the perfect to showcase all those new and exciting purchases. Looking your best is a good idea on the first day of school, because it usually is the day when you have the most motivation (as you likely did not stay up until 4:00am the night before, working on a math assignment) and why not start off the school year with a new and exciting look?

Something to maybe avoid, would be this notion of redefinition. As previously stated the beginning of a new school year is absolutely analogous to a blank sheet of paper waiting for an exciting story, however it’s important to avoid being disingenuous with oneself. If you’re style hasn’t changed since the preceding year, and you want to wear that same stunner outfit you pulled off the previous year many times, go for it! Don’t feel the need to start a new story, when you already have a great one written out for you waiting to be continued! The idea of ‘new year, new you’ can be stressful and should be avoided if you don’t think it’s necessary to completely redefine who you are.

My final piece of advice going back to school, would absolutely be, take advantage of the crazy sales. Retailers go crazy with back to school discounts and often you can find a piece you’ve been dreaming about for much less! For example, one year I wanted a pair of tan oxford flats, that were priced at 50$ the entire summer. However, when I looked in the shop during back to school season, they had been reduced to 17$! Despite this being perhaps tedious, waiting for something to go on sale and then purchasing it for much less is one of the best feelings!

Back to school, can be a stressful or exciting time. Whichever it is, why not go in feeling confident and dapper, in your outfit and style and embrace the oncoming year, wearing your best shoes and your fav top!

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