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We Are So Much More

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

After scrolling through my Instagram feed and doing some unnecessary picture exploration, I began to feel a sense of heaviness and numbness on my heart. My mind shifted to thinking about all those picture-perfect blogger images, and all of a sudden my life seemed less important and special. Compared to all those Instagram sensations I was scrolling through, I began to think negatively about my choices of style and reflection in the mirror. It began a trail of thoughts and feelings and then the forbidden “shoulds” came out. I “should” do my hair like that, I “should” decorate my room to like Pinterest, I “should” have more posts, followers, likes,…etc etc etc.

After this unhealthy spiral began to unravel, I came across an inspiring post by a well followed blogger, Jenna Kutcher. She often writes posts about self acceptance, going against the norm, and embracing who you are. She said: “The world wants you, the real, unretouched, version. I am more than my cellulite, more than my wrinkles, and zits and curves. I am more than my appearance and I am worthy of celebrating every inch of me with caution.”

This is the message we need to tell ourselves. Ignore the toxic norms that our society infiltrates on us and remember the truth that makes us real, authentic, and beautiful. Authenticity is so ever needed in our world where “faking it” is not only a trend, but a business model. People appreciate the real you and love you despite your flaws, and even because of them.

We are so much more. We are more than our appearance and we are worthy of knowing this. It is so easy to get caught up in the media world and the messages about having to be and look a certain way. But this cannot be more untrue. The world wants us as we are. Those around us want us as we are.

So be you. Cause there’s no one else that can do it better. Be the girl you were born to be. Embrace your flaws, embrace your beauty, and embrace the love that everyone has for you. Because we are all So Much More.

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