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Kate Middleton- Style Inspiration

Kate Middleton has become a renowned and impressive figure in modern society. This is not only because of her connection to royalty and her charming and delightful demeanour, but also because she has become a prominent presence to young girls and women around the world for how to dress tastefully while still looking fabulous. From everyday wear to formal dress, Kate never fails to impress.

Perhaps the most significant and incredible part of Kate's fashion is that she never seems to feel the need to have her outfits reveal very much skin in order to let her beauty shine. Kate is aware of her own body type, which allows her to dress it in ways which flatter it; she doesn't try to match her outfits to someone else, but owns herself and allows that to come through by dressing accordingly. Kate's fashion shows that she is proud and comfortable with how she is built, which is inspiring for all of us women. If we can come to love our bodies the way Kate shows us how, then the way we dress will be able to let that feminine beauty shine even brighter.

Looking at some of the outfits she has been captured wearing, we can immediately recognize this. Her dresses all have a similar style to them that flatter her small waist and hips, either flowing out or falling straight to elegantly enhance her figure. However, in the photo of Kate when she is pregnant, her style changes to suit the changes in her body. Her dress is simple in colour and pattern, and flows loosely to accommodate her, avoiding any pinched in sides that would cause her abdomen to become more prominent. Through her style, she manages to capture the beauty of her personality, which is why she is so often mimicked and adored by women around the world.

The problem with using the word “modest” to describe Kate's style is that people can get confused as to what that word means. Being modest means keeping hidden what is meant to be hidden and revealing what is meant to be expressed. As women, we have a great value and intrinsic beauty, and that is meant to radiate for the world to see. The way we behave, the way we dress, and everything that we do is part of this self-expression. However, we also have a great dignity and mystery to us that is meant to be shared with people to whom we show our intimate self. They are radiant mysteries and they are ours, and the way we dress helps to respect this. Our style and fashion is meant to reveal the beauty of femininity and womanhood. Kate Middleton helps to affirm that reality of how modesty and dazzling gorgeousness can be brought together in every girl and woman.

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