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TREnDS in Montreal

Over the 2016-17 school year, TREnDS will be delivering a program entitled a Transformative Fashion Reflection at a Montreal highschool. We launched our program in late September with presentations by TREnDS committee member Guin Santaguida (age 16) and TREnDS President Shannon Joseph. And this was followed by a keynote speech by author Wendy Shalit.

Our big message to student was, be a critical consumer of fashion and media. Sometimes you might be participating, without realizing it, in messages about style and beauty that put unfair pressure on girls. But you don’t have you and you have the power to change the fashion world.

It was a great first event and over the course of our program we’ll provide updates! A big thanks to our volunteers for supporting our opening and to photographer Delphine at Delphine N Photography

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