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What to do when you have a smaller closet

There are so many reasons why somebody might not have a massive wardrobe. You could be trying to be economical, maybe trying to be minimalistic, or you could just not have the budget. I believe there is a common misconception in the fashion world: that a small wardrobe means that your outfits are boring and all the same. Here are three tips to help you be versatile in your style, with a smaller wardrobe.

1) Have order in your wardrobe. Even small wardrobes can be messy. Believe me. Shirts hung up incorrectly, items on the floor, or in a pile in the corner. This disorder is not only likely a cause for stress, but it also creates the illusion that you have less clothing. When you cannot see all your items properly, you’re forced to wear whatever is easy to see and often that can be the same item at the top of the pile. If you can see all of your items, you can mix and match more easily. Putting order to your wardrobe might also project into your day-to-day living and you feel more put together in more areas of your life.

2) Catalogue your items. For some this might be a tedious task, however if you have a smaller wardrobe it will not take too long. With your items catalogued you can plan outfits in advance. If you know all your items, you can also know what specific pieces you might need to add or replace, and you can plan your trips to the mall better and be more efficient. You don’t need to do this in a very monotonous or boring way, there are ways to make if a very fun experience. One thing that could be great fun, might be finding similar pieces on Pinterest and making a Pinterest board. There are also specific apps designed for cataloguing one’s clothing, and you can actually create a virtual wardrobe.

3) Plan your outfits the night before. With a smaller wardrobe it might be more difficult to wake up and throw something on, it might take some thinking. Planning your outfits in advance might not only take some stress away in the morning, but will also make you realize all of the possibilities that you have. Layering is what got me through the colder months, and statement pieces paired with different bottoms is what gets me through the summer. Knowing these little things and planning them ahead will really help you.

There can sometimes be a lot of pressure on young women to have lots of clothes and always wear a different outfit. It is important to remember that this is just pressure, and finding new and inventive ways to wear the same piece is much more creative and stylish than simply buying a whole new piece.


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