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Do you know what TREnDS is up to?

When my friends asked me what I was going to be doing as a summer job, I told them that I was going to be an intern for TREnDS. These friends of mine knew about TREnDS, and had participated in some of their initiatives in the past. They asked me “What is TREnDS up to nowadays, we haven’t heard anything for a while?”. I can now officially give an answer- for the first time ever- the reply will be coming through an annual report.

TREnDS is releasing an annual report, highlighting the very exciting things that took place and were accomplished during the 2016 year. It is so important to us that our benefactors and supporters know how TREnDS is using its resources, and how it is conveying its message.

The annual report covers many things, 2016 was an exciting year! This year we attained charitable status. During the summer of 2016 a student intern was hired and began the exploration of sustainable fashion, and how it aligns with our mission. One of the highlights of this year was a project launched at the Sacred Heart School of Montreal (SHSM), that explored fashion as it relates to freedom and choices as well as personal communication. Finally, there were some changes with the board memberships. Please click below to access the annual report to learn more about these initiatives.

After reading this report, please consider donating to our mission. Without your generosity TREnDS is not able to continue its mission to empower young women, by giving them the tools to face the hypersexualization in the fashion and media industries. Please reach out to us on Facebook ( if you’re interested in being a contributor to our blog, we’re always looking for new contributors.

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